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Kangaroo Dish


250g Kangaroo Back Loin
1 Sweet Potato
1 Potato (large)
3 Baby Onions (roasted in the oven)
200ml Beef Jus (fancy name for beef stock – Ed)
1 TBL Bush Tomato Chutney
1 Parsnip
50g Butter



Make a mashed potato with both the sweet potato and normal potato with butter and seasoning.

Place beef jus, chutney and baby onions in a pan and reduce until thick. Peel parsnip and shave into thin slices and deep fry. Sear the kangaroo.

To Serve:

Place mashed potato in the middle of a large flat plate. Place the seared kangaroo on mashed potato facing inwards. Pour chutney jus over the kangaroo. Put roasted baby onions around the meat and place parsnip crisps on top to serve.

PS Kangaroo is best cooked medium rare otherwise it can be quite stringy if overcooked. SHARE With Your Friends:

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