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Ovdukh Recipe

Ovdukh Recipe

Ovdukh Ingredients:

— Sour clotted milk – 200gr.
— water – 100gr.
— fresh cucumber – 100 gr.
— spring onion – 40 gr.
— coriander – 10 gr.
— dill – 10 gr.
— basil – 5 gr.
— egg – 1.
— beef – 100 gr.
— salt.
— garlic.



Ovdukh Recipe Directions:

In order to prepare ovdukh, sour clotted milk is mixed with boiled and cooled down water. Chop skinned cucumber and herbs finely, mix with diluted sour milk, add salt and garlic and put in a fridge.

Serve ovdugh in cool condition. Ovdugh is usually made without meat. In exceptional cases, ovdugh may be added boiled and finely chopped beef and hard-boiled egg.




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